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Workshops and e-Learning

Increase efficiency and skills in your business through targeted training. Upskill and improve productivity in specific areas of your business, at your own pace.

These hands-on workshops are designed to provide business owners and managers with specific exercises and ‘take-aways’ that can be applied immediately within your Business.

All workshops, courses and programs can be undertaken either face-to-face or via e-learning ... it’s your choice!

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Where will You and Your business be in 5 years?

Identification of your core values, business vision and goal setting are essential for your business success. Gain a clear understanding of your primary business values and get started working on your Business Plan. Read more

The why, what & how of influencing!

Understand the communication process and how to apply it in your business. Learn the power of your product/service specific message and tools to gain a positive client response to help you close more business deals. Read more

Invest wisely in your human capital.

People are the single greatest outlay for most businesses! Learn how to write a Role Description & what to include to ensure it works! Develop your Role Description system to ensure your Team know what is expected & how they are to perform. Read more

Budget for profit, because the numbers don’t lie!

Understand budgeting & the important role it plays in your business. “What you measure you manage ... and what you manage improves”. Learn how to create your business budgets and get started working on them immediately! Read more

Documenting your Business Systems!

Documented Systems are vital to every business! Free yourself from your business by getting it ‘out of your head and down onto paper’. Learn the 6 steps to effectively document and implement your systems. Read more

Start early to Maximise your Future Return!

Your succession planning starts today! Where will you be in the future? Will your business give you the return that you deserve? Essential for every business owner ... the best time to start your succession planning is now! Read more

Have you got enough?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and is essential for your business survival. More than just ‘money in and money out’, learn where your cash is going & how to take control of it through creation of appropriate policies. Read more

It’s easier than you think!

Discover simple marketing tools and how to make your business and marketing stand out from the rest. Learn how to create a formalised marketing plan that is easy to implement and able to be measured in terms of success. Read more

Deal Makers and Deal Breakers!

Learn to contract with clients, suppliers and other businesses with confidence. Discover how you can assess & communicate your preferred, acceptable & deal breaker positions on all aspects of every deal. Avoid the Contracting Horror Story! Read more

Maximising your Business Profitability!

Take an objective look at your business and discover the changes you can apply to build a sustainable business that stands out from your Competitors! Read more