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Who we are?

For over 22 years, Brightwater Business Coaching has been delivering tried and proven, structured business development and management programs. We are the Growth and Exit Strategy specialists!

At Brightwater, we work with clients to identify and maximise the possibilities that exist in your business. We believe, the difference between success and failure in business is knowledge, so our mission is to empower business owners and their team by giving you the skills, tools and knowledge to achieve an effective, efficient and profitable business ... whatever outcomes you desire!

“We consider the Planning, the act of analysing your business,
is far more important than the Plan itself.”

Brightwater Clients have experienced all levels of business success, due to:

Our Depth of Experience:

Brightwater Coaches have owned their own successful business and can truly understand what it takes for success in your business.

Brightwater Coaches have experience in helping others achieve their goals.

Brightwater is well established with a quality reputation.

Brightwater looks beyond ‘Buzz Words’ ... we make sure our coaches have substance.

Testimonials confirm our credentials. We are proud of our successes!

We deliver a structured approach:

You experience a structured system that supports you to achieve your goals and outcomes.

You are provided useful and actionable analysis and implementation tools.

You are given a clear understanding of what you will receive and how you will achieve your desired outcomes.

You receive the skills, tools and knowledge to achieve success in business.

We offer a range of practical resources, products and programs:

You select from a range workshops, courses and programs to support all levels of your business and team development.

Brightwater products and services are not theory based; rather they are ‘hands-on’ practical and applicable business strategies regardless of the size of the organisation.

You receive a comprehensive range of easy to access resources.