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What we do
Workshops, Courses and Programs

As with all pursuits in life, lasting success is best achieved with a Coach, to help keep you on track! Taking time to improve your business will help you achieve a more effective, efficient and profitable business, enabling you to have greater work life balance.

All great businesses start with a clear vision and a plan for how to get there. Brightwater Business Coaching offers a range of products and programs designed to help you achieve the results you want and the life you desire! All workshops, courses and programs go beyond theory, and are ‘hands-on’, practical and applicable directly to your business.

Choose the best Business Management Excellence option for you:

4-hour, group training workshops

Specific practical topics designed to improve your business one area at a time

Focused training with take-away

Resources and materials

Designed for you and your support team

Small investment of time and money

6-month part time course

6 modules of personal and Professional business development

Experiential learning applied directly to your business

Designed for you, your managers or key personnel

Your 'MBA' for Your Business

Intensive one-on-one coaching

Analyse, create your Business Plan, strategise and take action for on-going improvement

Experienced coaching, resources, unlimited phone and email support

Partnering closely with business owners

Achieve lasting Business Success