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Our Mission Statement

“Precisely delivering leading edge management
empowering the people in business to realise
greater wealth, freedom and excitement.”

Mission Statements are about leadership and vision.

At Brightwater, we believe that a Mission Statement acts as the central focus for every member of a business team to reach towards. Your Mission Statement should communicate to all stakeholders: team; suppliers; and customers, the core values of your the business. Developed and used correctly, it can have far-reaching impact on your business.
The Brightwater Business Coaching Mission Statement is our promise to you. The rationale behind our Mission Statement is outlined below:

Vision: 'Empowering the people in business'

The vision recognises that the power of achievement and success lies in the hands of the ‘people in business’ – owners, managers and team members.
The vision is "empowered people in business", recognising that success is within their own belief system and for them to be achieving the success they desire.

Purpose: 'For the people in business to realise greater wealth, freedom and excitement.'

This is the reason most people are in business and if our clients experience it, so do we.

USP: 'Precisely delivering leading edge management.'

Firstly, we identify how we will deliver our products and services, we then commit to ensuring that what we offer and deliver remains at the leading edge of management education ideology, theory and practice.