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Brightwater’s Code of Conduct

In our commitment to maintaining quality relationships in all of our interactions, the Brightwater team is dedicated to upholding our Company Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct:

I support our Mission and Objectives.
I only make agreements I intend to keep.
I communicate my inability to keep an agreement at the first available opportunity.  
I strive to exceed the expectations of the people with whom I deal. 
I am responsible and accountable for my actions.
As part of a team I offer, seek and accept assistance when appropriate. 
I can have fun while working.
I treat people, as I like to be treated, with respect and honesty.
I accept and offer constructive feedback.
I agree to our Personal Presentation Standards.
I agree to our Confidentiality Standards.
I agree to our Time Performance Standards.
I am committed to resolving issues that are important to the company.
I do not smoke while conducting business for Brightwater.
I maintain my work space in a clean and operative manner.
I respect the value of finite resources.
I protect and respect Brightwater’s interests and assets.