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What we do

Real business learning for businesses that want to be their best. Open up new ways of thinking about your business ... get motivated and move towards your business success.


An integral part of your business success is investing in the skill development and knowledge of you and your team. Engage in six core business modules focusing on both professional and personal development, created from over 22 years of business expertise.


Course Summary

6-months part time, 3 hours class time per month

6 modules of personal and professional business development

Small class sizes 6-10 people

Course can be delivered in-house to your team of 6 or more

Delivery – Choose classroom or interactive e-learning

Learn from experienced business coaches

Certificate of Completion at end of the course

“The course was very informative and seemed to show exactly what I needed
to run a successful business.
It has given enough for me to want to learn more.”
Troy, Wilmot Electrical Services

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Why do the Business Management Education course?

Become a better manager

Make better business decisions

Develop your personal and professional skills

Gain confidence in the way you run your business

Find out what you don’t know about running a business

Inspire your team to improve their management skills


What makes this course so great?

Practical, relevant modules covering key business areas

Experiential learning is applied directly to your business

Use your own business as the model ...Your course research and exercises focus directly on your business

Get your team involved - Designed for business owners, managers and/or key personnel

To really maximise your business potential, it can be delivered in-house to your team of 6 or more

Additional one-on-one implementation Coaching with the BME Plus Program. See below;

Course Modules

Your Personal & Business Identity

The reputation of your business has a profound and long lasting effect on all aspects of your business. Decide who you are as a business; what qualities your business demonstrates; how you will to do things and what you wish to achieve to provide the framework for everything you do inside your business. Clarity of business identity gives you the power to choose the direction your Business reputation will take.

Products, Services & Market Research

What you provide to your customers, in exchange for revenue, will be a product, a service or a combination of both. Engage in analysis of the Products and Services you provide to your customers. Sharpen your ability on how you package, market and cost your products. Learning how to cost Profit into everything you make and sell, is the only way to ensure a more profitable return for your business.

Operational Strategies & Measurements

Managing your operations properly is the key to an efficient business. Determine the operational policies to produce optimum performance levels and quality control. Learn what classifies valued operational information and the importance managing this via your Key Performance Indicators. Develop documented systems that will become the ‘life-blood’ of your business and provide you with greater business freedom.

Marketing Yourself & Your Business

Marketing is the epicentre of the organisation. It encompasses a broad range of activities involved in fulfilling your customer’s needs and wants for a profitable return for your business. Explore your pillars of marketing and learn how to Identify, Attract, Get and Keep customers. Enhance your ability to communicate your message clearly to your target audience for greater sales potential.

Your Business & Personal Financial Readiness

Two major reasons for failure in business are poor financial management and lack of profit. Take a critical look at your level of understanding of financial management and improve your understanding of both Business and Personal accounting practices. Accurate financial information is critical in business ... because ‘what you measure you manage, and what you manage improves’ and can lead to greater profit!

Your Ultimate Management Leverage

People are the single greatest outlay for most businesses. The more you invest, the greater the return you can expect. Learn how to select the right people for your business and build outstanding, dedicated teams. Explore management styles and key motivational factors. Create systems that are designed to reduce the costs associated with the recruitment and retention of your employees.

BME Plus Program

Add one-on-one coaching to maximise your return

6 x 90 minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Amplify the process of working on your business

Easy add-on payment program

“... really useful. I really appreciated having the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback in the following session
and hear from other participants about their business, models and experiences.”
Anita, Level Up Learning