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What we do

Be empowered and inspired through intensive focus on your business guided by an experienced business coach. Engage in detailed analysis, planning and execution to get the business you want.

The Business Development Program is divided into 3 sequential parts:

Clarity Planning Program
Planning is everything!
Your first step entails the detailed analysis of 8 key areas of your business, over 6 to 7 months. This program leads you through the development of a comprehensive, effective working business plan resulting in strategies for improvement and a clear direction for your business.
Focus on Action Program
Put your plan into action!
During the next 6 to 7 months your coach will guide you and your team, using your working business plan, in setting strategic implementation goals to refine, improve or simply strengthen your business and its systems.
Direction Monitoring Program
Serious business players work to stay on top of the game!
Direction Monitoring is designed to keep you and your business on track to your planned objectives. Choose either one-on-one business coaching with your management team, or join the Chairman’s Forum and engage in peer mentoring with other like-minded business owners. Continue to work ON your ever-changing business.

Successful business owners know there is always something new to learn in business and having someone to keep you focused on working ON your business, is essential. Deepen your understanding of your business and discover the things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Program Summary

Clarity - 12 one-on-one meetings from 2-3 hours
8 detailed analysis profiles
A complete working Business Plan
Strategies for improvement and action plan
One 4-hour Business Improvement Toolbox Workshop
6 one-on-one meetings of 2 hours
6 documented monthly implementation agendas
Documented action planners
Up to 12, 2-3 hour meetings per annum
Up to 2 Expansion days & 5th Wednesday networking invitations
Monthly meeting newsletters and actionable business workbooks
Delivery – Choose face-to-face or on-line meetings
Experienced business coach is matched to you
Unlimited phone and email support
Access to the comprehensive library of books and articles

"As a small start-up business with over 100% growth each year for three years, our systems and business plan were non-existent. We developed the skills to work 'on' our business rather than 'in' it.

With the assistance of the Brightwater team, we have now completed a comprehensive business plan and have a thorough understanding of the pathways for our company."

Melinda Trembath, Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies

Why do the Business Development Program?

Develop and implement more effective business strategies
Increase efficiency and productivity
Learn to focus your energy on the areas of the business where you can add the most value
Confident delegation of tasks to spread the workload and empower your team
Achieve greater alignment with your business partners
Increase your confidence in the strategic management of your business
Get passionate about your business and where it can take you

What makes our programs so great?

Gain practical tools to allow your business to operate without you at the centre controlling everything
Develop your people and systems to achieve freedom within your business
You create a stronger, more productive team
Your coach is dedicated to nurturing your business success
The programs are designed to empower you and your business. You own the decisions.
We help you maximise the value of your business and the personal satisfaction derived from it
We help take the emotion out of your decision making and give you an objective perspective
Having the support a business coach offers will help you stay focused
Make new business connections

Invest in yourself and your business ...!

"Each month when I sit with you during our Skype meetings, it gives me the motivation to work
on my business rather than getting run down with the daily grind."
Penny Soper, Swim Logic – Atherton Nth. Qld.