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TJ's Swim Testimonial

"Dear Anthony,

I am just taking a moment to express our gratitude to you and all the staff at Brightwater Business Coaching. As you are aware we started this program being a little tentative towards the cost and benefit of the program. After having an eight week window when our pool was under going renovations to “get stuck into the program” Jodie and I realised that we should have done this earlier. We both know swimming, but didn’t understand business. We now can say that after only 11 months in the program we have grown to the point that TJ’s Swim is now generating over 10 times the cost of the Brightwater Program each week.

It is inspiring to both Jodie and myself to see great coaches positively influencing so many people, coaches who wear their passion on their sleeve, coaches who are dedicated, focused and committed, and coaches who support, encourage and seek advice from one another.

The results are shared by coaches and clients alike.

Thanks again to you and your team

Troy and Jodie ChandlerTJ's Swim
Troy and Jodie Chandler
TJ's Swim
Concordia Aquatic Centre
Concordia Lutheran College
0429 465316

Thank you Jodie and Troy, for sharing your experience of working with Brightwater, and the fabulous outcomes you are achieving! The results you and TJ's Swim are realising are testament to the focus and commitment your have displayed since we began working together.  Well done!

Anthony Davis