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Brimar Testimonial

The team at Brightwater would like to thank Marty McGrath, Brimar Electrical Services, for taking the time to share his experience of Brightwater and how it has helped him and his business.  Thanks Marty!!


Anthony Davis

"When Brimar Electrical Services knew there was something more to the evolution of the business, we went looking for not just the right product, but a program delivered by the right person in the right way. We found it!
How do we know it was right?     
We found a no-nonsense, non-patronising and  practical  approach to giving us the tools to make a better company. They weren’t doing it for us, but they were helping us discover what it was we had and didn’t have and what we did and didn’t do. Brightwater helped us formulate how to put the processes in practice and then, how to monitor  them. 
This was no easy fix and required a lot of work by both parties, but the journey is part of the program. We experienced a “light-bulb” moment or two along the way. 
We are now on the way to realising our full potential as a business. The program has also allowed us to build a business to be proud of. I am now enjoying the business side of my business.
A quote worth remembering:Brimar
The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder!
(Huston Smith- 1982)"

Thanks Geoff. Thanks Brightwater.