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Our Business Coaches can help you achieve:

Business Wealth 

Brightwater Coaching gives you the skills, tools and knowledge to achieve your financial goals, short term and long term.

Wealth is about respect, achievement, growth and opportunity!

Business Freedom

Brightwater Coaching gives you the knowledge to make correct decisions for you, your business and your family.

Freedom is about business success and choices!

Business Excitement

Brightwater Coaching will show you how to attract the Team and the Clients with whom you love working.

Excitement is about loving what you do!

Bring greater Wealth, Freedom and Excitement into your work life balance!
If you are looking for greater Wealth, Freedom & Excitement
and you want to invest in your business success, explore the range of business
development Workshops, Webinars, Courses and one-on-one Coaching Programs.

The difference between success and failure is knowledge! Our experienced business coaches work with you,
in partnership, using structured business development tools.

Designed to directly address your needs and wants, Brightwater products and services are all 'hands-on',
practical and applicable business strategies suitable for business of any size.

Need help with a specific issue in your

Stand alone Workshops designed to help you improve your business, one bit at a time. A small investment for immediate business improvements.

Looking to maximise
your potential?

A 6-month part time course. Work directly on your own Business Identity, Finance, Products, Marketing, Operations and People. An 'MBA' for YOUR business!

Want one-on-one business coaching to
ensure lasting success?

Create an effective, efficient & profitable business that works for you. Structured planning and implementation delivered by an experienced Business Coach.
So, why choose Brightwater Business Coaching?

Lasting business success is best achieved with a Business Coach!

Brightwater Business Coaching has been delivering structured business development and management programs for over 22 years.

Brightwater Business Coaches:

Have successfully owned and operated their own business

Have 'walked the walk'

Have had exposure to many different types of businesses and industries

Have had intense training in Brightwater programs and systems

Are experienced business coaches and care about your business

Business Coaches are matched to clients to ensure total client satisfaction. This is based around the nature of the client, their personality, their interests and desires.

Brightwater client success stories ...
The Brightwater Guarantee

"You are satisfied that your Brightwater Workshop, Course or Program adds value to
your business, or it’s free."
*conditions apply